Specific Broad Sector Activities of the Ministry

(Under Ghana’s Shared Growth and Development Agenda)
In executing its mandate in line with Ghana foreign policy objectives, the Ministry undertakes the following activities as reflected in Ghana’s Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA) 2010 2013:

– International Trade Management and ECOWAS Community Development
– Facilitate the participation of Ghanaian companies in trade fairs abroad
– Promote the participation of foreign companies in trade fairs in Ghana
– Facilitate and report on multilateral trade meetings and conferences
– Facilitate and report on ECOWAS trade meetings
– Facilitate and report on meetings of the West African Monetary Zone
– International Relations (Partnership for Development)
– Monitor implementation of ECOWAS Protocols
– Sensitise the public on ECOWAS Protocols and decisions
– Participate and report on global/regional/sub-regional meetings and conferences of the United Nations, African Union, ECOWAS, Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth and other international organisations to which Ghana belongs
– Identify positions/vacancies in international organisations for nomination of candidates by Ghana and canvas support for their election
– Establish contacts and build fund of trust and goodwill among principal political and economic actors in countries of accreditation in order to influence and promote favourable perceptions about Ghana
– Establish trade and investment desks in Ghana Missions abroad
– Gather, analyse and report on useful political, economic and other information, news and activities that may have possible impact on Ghana’s national interest
– Undertake and report on familiarisation visits to businesses, educational, scientific and technical institutions in countries of accreditation
– Hold consultations with countries on framework for bilateral cooperation
– Organise trade/investment/tourism promotion activities in countries of accreditation
– Source for development assistance for projects in Ghana
– Source for educational and technical assistance for the transfer and diffusion of technology in national development
– Coordinate with other MDAs and the private sector on effective implementation of Ghana’s interest abroad
– Provide protocol services for foreign mission in Ghana
– Arrange and coordinate high-level visits
– Participate in and implement the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) meetings/decisions
– Managing Migration for National Development
– Provide consular services to Ghanaian citizens
– Mobilise Ghanaians abroad to participate in national development
– Register/establish database of Ghanaian citizens abroad
– Establish migration partnership agreements with countries of accreditation