FAQ Page

No. Your pictures will be taken at the Passport Application Centre.

No. All applicants must submit their forms in person. This will enable the PAC to capture the fingerprints, signature and photograph of the applicant.

The passport office has put in place strict measures to protect the privacy of the applicant. This includes various levels of physical and electronic security. The biometric information is also encoded to prevent easy access.

A maximum of fifteen (15) working days for the normal processing and a maximum of seven (7) days for the expedited processing from the date of submission.

Five (5) years from the date of issue

The signature will not be visible but will be electronically embedded in the passport. It will be seen by immigration authorities using the appropriate equipment. It is an additional security feature.

The use of the biometric passport data will restrict application to the owner- ship of only one passport at a time to one identity. Any attempt to acquire an additional passport with different details will be detected and offenders will be prosecuted for fraud.

It is an offense to provide false informa- tion for the processing of a passport. Offenders will be prosecuted.

Yes. They qualify under the law and should apply through Ghana’s Missions abroad.