Ghana Culture
There are many interesting and fascinating aspects of Ghana culture‚ Over landing trips give you a chance to witness some of these cultures and experience life in Ghana’s cities and villages.

Cultural influences vary per tribe, but most tribes share a number of cultures and traditions.

Ghana Music and Dance
Performing arts and music play a key role in Ghana cultures, and there are 3 main music styles found in the country: ethnic or traditional music, “high-life” music and choral music.


Ghana Festivals
Festivals are an important part of Ghana culture, with harvest time after the rains being the most important festival time of the year.

Ghana Art
Art forms include wooden carvings, adrinka printings, intricate brass sculptures and woven clothes which vary for each tribal group.

Ghana Literature
Ghana writing in northern areas has roots in Islam, while southern areas were influenced by Christianity.

Ghana Cuisine
Ghana food varies and is generally very diverse, with different specialities for each tribe, but the basic staples include a maize or millet base with meat, mushroom, fish, chicken or snail rich sauce.