Foreign Policy Objectives

Good Neighbourliness
To sustain the climate of peace and stability in the West African sub-region and to maintain cordial relations between Ghana and her neighbours as a means to addressing common challenges to development across national frontiers.


Promoting Regional Integration
To give substance to Government’s declaration to make regional integration the flagship of Ghana’s foreign policy and to derive maximum benefit from Ghana’s membership of ECOWAS and other regional economic communities for Ghana’s socio-economic advancement.


Support for the African Union
To play a leading role in collective efforts to promote peace, stability and economic development on the African continent and ensure Ghana’s active participation in deliberations of the African Union.


Developing and Sustaining International Goodwill, Solidarity and Support for National Development
To maintain a reasonably high profile diplomatic presence abroad and thereby, seek to attract appreciable levels of foreign direct investments, political goodwill and international solidarity as well as a sustained positive image.


Economic Diplomacy
To support the national objective of diversifying and increasing Ghana’s export base by actively seeking markets for Ghanaian products abroad and taking advantage of preferential arrangements and multilateral trade agreements. The Ministry also supports the diversification and expansion of the tourism industry for job creation and revenue generation by marketing Ghana abroad as a competitive tourist destination and attracting investment into the hospitality industry.


Participation in the Deliberations of Multilateral Organisations
To help seek solutions to the challenges confronting international peace, stability and development and to articulate Ghana’s views in major international conferences and deliberations of multilateral institutions.


Promoting Cooperation in Scientific and Technical Research
To facilitate the negotiation and signing of bilateral cooperation agreements with other developing countries in the field of scientific and technical research.


Promoting Cooperation in Human Resource Development
To facilitate the award of scholarships to Ghanaian students to study abroad under existing frameworks for bilateral cooperation.


Promoting Cooperation in the Health Sector
As part of Government’s efforts to boost healthcare delivery in Ghana, the Ministry through the instrumentality of various Joint Commissions for Cooperation and other bilateral and multilateral arrangements negotiates for additional resources including medical personnel, equipment and other technical assistance for the health sector.


Promoting and Protecting the Welfare of Ghanaian Nationals Abroad
The Ministry seeks to minimise the negative impact and optimise the potential benefits of migration on Ghana’s development by promoting and protecting the welfare of Ghanaian nationals abroad and ensuring that they participate actively in national development.


Biometric Passports 
To comply with directives of ICAO and ECOWAS and improve the security and integrity of the Ghanaian passport, the Ministry completed the installation of hardware and software at the Passport Office and has since 23rd March, 2010, commenced the issuance of biometric passports. Passport Application Centres have been established at five (5) regional levels to enhance service delivery to the public.