President of the Republic Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo receives Letters of Credence of Seven Envoys

The President of the Republic, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo received Letters of Credence of seven new envoys accredited to Ghana on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at the Jubilee House in Accra. The envoys were:

His Excellency  Mr. Aboubacar Sadikh Barry        –  Republic of Senegal

Her Excellency Ms. Shani Cooper                          –  State of Israel

Her Excellency Mrs. Anne Sophia Avé                   –  Republic of  France

His Excellency  Mr.  Meher  Kheir                           –  Republic of Lebanon

His Excellency Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim AL-Humaid  –    State of Qatar

Her Excellency Mrs. Frances Virginia  Anderson  – Republic of Sierra Leone

Her Excellency Ms. Diana Acconcia                    –  Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation to Ghana



In his welcome remarks, President Akufo-Addo congratulated the seven envoys on their appointment and assured them that Ghana would continue to work to further enhance bilateral relations with their respective countries. He said Ghana was ready to collaborate with the respective countries in the various sectors of the economy. He assured the envoys of the support of his government in the discharge of their duties.


 Republic of Senegal

President Nana Addo Dankwa  Akufo-Addo recalled the long standing relations between Ghana and Senegal, dating back to the pre- independence era. He was hopeful that Ghana and Senegal would work together for the advancement of Africa. He urged the Ambassador to work to further strengthen the relations between the two countries during his tenure.

His Excellency Mr. Aboucbacar Sadikh Barry, for his part said he was pleased to have been posted to Ghana as an Ambassador. He said his aim was to contribute significantly to the strengthening of good relations between Ghana and Senegal for the prosperity of the two countries. He commended Ghana’s efforts at coming up with the policy of “Ghana Beyond Aid ” as well as the “Planting for Food and Jobs” initiative, which he said was an inspiration to the  rest of African.


State of Israel

President Akufo-Addo indicated that the relations between Ghana and Israel dates back to Ghana’s independence and added that many of the infrastructure at the time were put up by Israeli companies. He also intimated that there had been high profile visits between Ghana and  Israel which had been of mutual benefit to both countries. He indicated that Ghana would learn from Israel’s agricultural model and work together to further strengthen relations.

Her Excellency Ms. Shani Cooper, underscored the shared similar values  between Israel and Ghana in the struggle for independence adding that the relations between the two countries which had been in existence for many years is based on cooperation. She assured the President of her determination to work hard to ensure that the good relations between both countries is further enhanced.

She thanked Ghana for contributing to peacekeeping efforts over the years through the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. The Ambassador further indicated that the commercial ties between both countries is getting stronger, adding that a lot of Israeli companies in Ghana are helping with development in the areas of water management, agriculture and  infrastructure. She also revealed that other Israeli companies are looking forward to investing in Ghana.

Ambassador Cooper further indicated her country’s support for the “Ghana Beyond  Aid” agenda and assured that she would work to further enhance relations between the two countries.


Republic of  France

President Akufo-Addo recalled the good relations between Ghana and France and expressed his gratitude for President  Emmanuel Macron’s visit  to Ghana. He said the Government  is encouraging Ghanaians to study the French language because Ghana is surrounded by French speaking countries and being bilingual would come with enormous benefits. He urged that trade and investment between the two countries be increased for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Her Excellency Mrs. Anne Sophia Avé, commended President Akufo-Addo for his efforts at the multilateral level. She expressed her country’s appreciation towards the speaking of the French language and commended Ghana for joining the La Francophonie.


Republic of Lebanon

President Akufo-Addo said relations between Ghana and Lebanon dates back to several generations and Lebanese had over the years  contributed to Ghana’s development. He said Ghana is pleased to be contributing to peacekeeping efforts in Lebanon and called for further strengthening of relations between the two countries.

His Excellency Mr. Meher Kheir, submitted that the relations between his country and Ghana is based on shared human values. He added that Lebanese in Ghana do not only enjoy the Ghanaian hospitality, but also they are contributing to national development. He commended the government’s Free Senior High School policy and also stated that the Lebanese society in Ghana is supporting some Ghanaian students with scholarships. He assured that he would work to further enhance the relations between the two countries.


State of Qatar

His Excellency President  Akufo-Addo said he was pleased with the visit of  the Emir of Qatar to Ghana in 2017. He indicated that Ghana and Qatar signed some agreements last year and was looking forward to their implementation. He called for closer cooperation between the two countries.

His Excellency  Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim AL-Humaid,  assured that he would work to ensure that bilateral relations between Ghana and Qatar was consolidated for the mutual benefit of both countries. He thanked the President for the establishment of a Ghana Mission in Qatar.


Republic of Sierra Leone

President Akufo-Addo indicated that relations between Ghana and Sierra Leone which dates back to  pre-independence era is being enhanced. He said Ghana was pleased to show solidarity to Sierra Leone in its challenging times. He stated that  both countries are members of the same regional organisations like the ECOWAS, Africa Union and the  Commonwealth. The President called for closer ties between the two countries.


Her Excellency Mrs. Frances Virginia Anderson expressed her country’s gratitude to Ghana for the support given to the country and added that  Sierra Leone that does not take the gesture for granted. She promised to work to further strengthen relations between the two countries.



Ambassador and Head of the European Union Delegation to Ghana


President Akufo-Addo said relations between Ghana and the European Union(EU) was strong and noted that the EU is an important partner in Ghana’s development. He urged both countries to work together to enhance relations for their mutual benefit. The President  also indicated among other things that efforts are being made to protect the landscape and water bodies of the country to minimise the effects of climate change on the country.


Her Excellency Ms. Diana Acconcia, for her part  said the European Union has an agenda to promote peace, security and the overall development of its partners and would focus on partnership for on job creation.

The Ambassador indicated that Ghana has what it takes to attract private investments because the country is politically peaceful, has natural resources, and a strong youth force.  She said that the  EU’s financial support to Ghana is to help accelerate development and added  that the EU is moving for financial aid to partnership with countries.

She commended the government for the “Ghana Beyond  Aid” initiative and added that the EU will help Ghana achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as help to promote environmental issues. She lauded government’s initiatives in education and indicated that she was looking forward to a strong partnership with Ghana.