The International Organization for Migration (IOM) from its statistics has indicated that migrants in the Middle East Region are concentrated in Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Qatar and the United Arab Emirates also have a significant number of migrants. These migrants sometimes face various forms of abuse.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration wishes to inform the general public and those intending to travel as domestic workers, that before embarking on a trip to any of the above-mentioned countries, they should take note of the under listed;


  • equip themselves with relevant information on the designated countries particularly on climate, culture, labor laws, contents of their working contracts, language of instruction etc.


  • know where to go, who to call, where to find assistance when in trouble.


  • have information on location of available shelters to cater for women, men, children etc.


  • be ready to be assisted to return to Ghana voluntarily.


  • have information on the contact numbers of agencies (state and non-state actors)  when  assistance is needed.


Information kits with contact details of various shelters and useful institutions in these countries have been made available for the benefit of travellers. These information kits are available at the airports, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Embassies and Consulates.


Ghanaian migrants are hereby advised to contact the relevant Ghana Missions and diaspora desk officers and other relevant institutions in the selected Middle East countries when in distress, to obtain the necessary assistance.

Attached are the contact details of Ghana Missions and diaspora desk officers and other relevant institutions.







Iraqi Governments


Assisted Return

Shelter- females only.

Staff trained on psycho- social counseling, medical care to victims and legal support

Kurdistan Regional Governments



Temporary shelters


Hot-lines for emergency assistance

Directorate to combat Violence Against Women


Kurdistan Women’s Union




Tel: 066-256-7272/0750-759-8172


Tel: 199 Asiacell only



Tel: 062-165


Tel: 0750-464-9393/0750-382-5353

Ministry of Health Medical and Psychological assistance



Provincial health facilities
Ministry of Interior

Anti- trafficking department


Hotline Tel: 533
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Hotline


Tel: 116



International Organization for Migration



Health centers for migrants, Internally Displaced Persons (in camps), presence outside of campus

Assisted return, rescue/ removal in coordination with government

Main Office in Baghdad, UNAMI Compound (Diwan 2), International Zone

Tel: +3908 2105 2600, +964 751 740 6872


Twitter: @IOMIraq, Facebook:


Asuda for Combating Violences against Women




Listed by several trafficking directories as operating a counter trafficking hotline Slemani, Malik Mahmud Ring Road, Sherko Bekas Street

Tel: +964 53 318 3149

Email:, Facebook:







Institution Type of service contact info
Ghana Embassy in Kuwait


Provision of Travel Documents Hateen Block 3,

Street 311, Villa 34

Tel: + (965) 25237235


Desk Officer: Mr. Emmanuel Hol- Oduro

Ministry of Interior,

Administration of Domestic Labor

To file a formal complaint with the General Department of Residency Affairs

Repatriation and transition assistance, funding of assisted return (can be in coordination with other actors, ie. International Organization for Migration)

Al- Dajeej, Kuwait

Tel: +96525582226/ +96525582204

Ministry  of Interior, Public Moral Protection and Anti Human Trafficking Department

General Police

Investigates human trafficking claims, provides protection (both to victims and witnesses) nd executes arrests of trafficking offenders. To be contacted in cases where trafficking victims cannot leave the employer’s home


Hotline: (for emergencies only)

Hawally governorate- Al Slamiya,

Building of General Department of Criminal Investigations, (at Al Jawazat roundabout)

Tel: +96525650690/ +96525650695



Tel: 112

Public Authority for Manpower To file  complaints through the complaints and redress systems Al Farawania governorate- Al Dhajeej zone, (opposite Public administration for criminal evidences, and Kuwait Airways)

Tel: +96525359232, +96525359232



Kuwait Shelter for Expatriates Capacity of up to 500 females. 24 hour clinic, food, legal support (through the Humanitarian Foundation for Legal Aid) Location: Al Farawania governorate, Jaleeb Al- Shuyoukh, Block 2, Street 139, (map)
( female migrant domestic workers who leave the employers’ home) Migrants cannot be forcefully deported. For assisted return, employers or recruitment agencies bear the costs. If they are unable to pay deportation will be carried out through the Deportation Department and the employer blacklisted until the amount is refunded. Contact person: Mr. Aly Al Muteiry- Head of Shelter
International Organization for Migration Assisted return, rescue/ removal in coordination with government Slemiya,

Tel: +965 2 530 8000/ +965 25 30 81 64, fax: +965. 2 539 93 54,


Humanitarian Foundation for Legal Aid Charity that offers pro- bono legal assistance for individuals arrested and awaiting deportation, with efforts to establish a presence inside the deportation prison.

Services cover the six countries, 65 police stations and 5 courthouses including Public Prosecution Departments.

Main office: Chamber of Commerce Bldg., 1st Floor, Kuwait City P. O Box 26161, safat, Kuwait City, 13122

Tel: +(965)- 1802-234/ +(965)- 2243-9790/1

Fax: =(965)-2242- 2895


Kuwait Social Work Society Negotiates with detention centers and government shelter services to transfer workers from the former to the latter if the workers’ documentation is in order. SWS has a;so managed to reach out to Embassies in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi through use of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomatic pouch to send migrant worker case files for travel documents to be processed. This is for migrant workers who have no country of origin representation in Kuwait such as in the case for Ghana. Sometimes assisted returns are funded through donations. Hawally governorate, Mishref- House 4, Block 4, Street 4,m4

Tel: +96525735032

Tel: +96525375031



Kuwait Society for Human Rights Hotline for labor inquiries 22215150

Interractive website:






Stakeholder Type of service Contact Information
Ghanaian Honorary Consulate General Provision of Travel Documents


Ministry of Interior- Directorate General Security- Foreigners Service: To be contacted within 48 hours in cases where migrant workers have been exposed to physical, emotional or sexual harassment



Ministry of Labor


Department of Foreign Labor Force:

Authorizes work permits


Hotline (female domestic workers)


Tel: 00961- 556829



Internal Security Forces: Hotline (To be contacted within 24 hours in emergencies) 112
International Organization for Migration Assisted returns, rescue/ removal in coordination with govrnment Near Rafic Hariri General Hospital, Moubarak Builing,

Jnah, Tel:+961 1 841 701, Fax:

Email, 705 841 1 961

Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre Main shelter services for Lebanon, receive referrals from the government based on a Memorandum of Understanding and from various embassies. Asafe house specific to victims of trafficking can fit up to 80 persons. Services include medical, humanitarian, legal, psychological, assisted return, vocational training including certification such as in computer skills to facilitate job searches and reintegration through partners in countries of origin. Once migrant workers enter the shelter they are no longer considered in conflict with the law (secured in the sense of irregular status) Sin El Fil, Beirut

Tel: 00961- 76555335 (hotline)/ 00961- 3-092538/ 00961-1-502550 (up until 54) extension 4000.


Facebook: as LebanonMigrantCenter/Caritas Liban

Kafa: Legal counseling and representation for female victims of sex trafficking and migrant domestic workers victims of physical and sexual abuse or labor trafficking. Shelter for15-17 victims of exploitation and trafficking.

Holistic services including social and legal follow-up, basic health services, life skills, awareness, outings and empowerment are covered within shelter. Otherwise referral to other service providers. Safe return assistance, negotiates with employers to cover flights or else they cover it. Provide small amount of cash assistance to the worker and try to connect them with civil society in country of origin.

43, Beydoun Building, 1st Floor,

Badaro St., Beirut,

Tel:+96176090910/ +961-1-392220/







Stakeholder Type of service Contact Info
Ghanaian Consulate General Provision of Travel Documents Mediation jabal Al-Thawr Street Behind Al- jazeerah Hospital, Villa No. 11, Musharrafh District,

P.O.Box 1657

Jeddah 21441

Tel: +966 126601429


Ghanaian Embassy Provision Travel Documents Mediation Mashoor Bin Abdul Aziz Street, 11693,Riyadh

Tel: +966 114545126

Fax: (+966) (12) 6622559




Welfare centers that               generally provide education services, psychosocial health and shelther


10 welfare centers for female domestic workers- some may be victims of trafficking


1 for male domestic workers

100 welfare center(capacity 230) in Riyadh (translation, rehabilitation, immigration an passport services, legal assistance) (N/A)







  National Hotline for domestic violence victims Tel: 8001245005
Ministry of Labor and Social Development Musaned: A bilingual (Arabic, English) website with a section on complaints and disputes that aims to facilitate procedures around recruitment of domestic workers and increase protection of the rights of all parties. Call center (official channel to receive complaints): 19911 or 920002866 or through the labor offices.
Government Labour Offices (pinned location maps available)































General service Center






Makkah Labor Office






Al-Amir Metea



Al-Adama District






El Rawdah District






Al Shifa Branch




Main Branch

Makkah Jeddah Highway, Al-Shamisi Center,

Tel: 125616700




Tel. 0125435814/0125435804



Al-Amir Metea Street, (behind Talal Keteb Polyclinic), Mecca

Tel: 6935058/6934816/6934786/6938684



Al-Adama district, Al-Mustashfa (hospital)

Street, Dammam

Tel: 0505825510



Exit 13 khurais Rd.,El Rawdah district, Khaleb ibn al- Walid street- Women branch recruitment, Riyah

Tel: 0112548622



Al Shifa Branch, Diab Road, facing the precious civil defense building, Al Hizem , Riyah


Sahaba Street –Exit 9-Al Yarmouk, Riyadh


Al Nafl Labor Office District Branch


Al Idari District




King Fahd Road





King Fahd Road




Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Road






Al-Faisaliah District









Abdullah Bin Abudlaziz Street

Abu Bakr Al Siddikh Road, Riyadh



Behind Al Jouf, Sakka,

Tel: 0146241766



King Fahd Road (50) opposite the Eid Chape3l, Tabuk




King Fahd Road, Abha

Tel: 172265591

Email: falageeli@!


Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Road near Jizan District Police Directorate  and Sharia court complex opposite the chamber of commerce , Jizan

Tel; 173224544



Al-Faisaliah District, Najran,

Tel: 175235517



ARAMCO Recruitment  Office, Dhahran

Tel: 138772962



Abdullah Bin Abudlaziz Street, Rafha,








International Organisation for Migration– Ghana Mission

Telephone (Office): +233 302 742930

Telephone (AVR Cellular): + 233 050 1295271, +233 (0)505 157 9799

WhatsApp: +233 (0)50 1295271, +233 (0)505 157 97 99

E-mail address:


Ghana Immigration Service

Migration Management Bureau- Headquarters

Telephone (office): +233 (0) 266 680 779