President Of The Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo Receives Letters Of Credence Of Four Envoys Accrediteded To Ghana, Friday, 22nd June, 2018

The President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, received letters of Credence of the following envoys on Friday, 22nd June, 2018 at the Jubilee House:

H.E. Mr. Mohammed Farahat- Kingdom of Morocco

H.E. Dr. Valerii Aleksandruk – Ukraine

H.E. Mr. Jalel Trabelsi    – Republic of Tunisia

H.E. Mr. António Pedro da Vinha Rodrigues da Silva – The Portuguese Republic

H.E. the President congratulated all four Ambassadors after receiving their respective letters of credence. He recounted the longstanding relations Ghana has had with each country, and assured  them that, in the spirit of enhanced cooperation, Ghana was committed to ensuring that their respective official duties were carried out smoothly.

The President further reiterated the need to build trade, investment and economic cooperation in various sectors which should be geared towards mutual benefits.

Kingdom of Morocco

After receiving the credentials of H.E Farahat from Morocco, the President recalled the State Visit of the King of Morocco, a month after his investiture, as a very significant milestone in the relations between Ghana and Morocco and expressed the hope of reciprocating the visit. He mentioned the various agreements signed during the visit as an indication of  renewed cooperation between both countries and expressed the hope that the cooperation would yield the desired results for the benefit of both countries. He also commended Morocco for its readmission into the African Union (AU), considering its role in the liberation of the African Continent.

Ambassador  Farahat pledged his commitment to work with the government of Ghana in fulfillment of his mandate, which is geared towards enhancing trade between Ghana and Morocco.


H.E. The President among other things, commended Dr. Valerii Aleksandruk for the increased trade relations between Ghana and Ukraine. He further expressed gratitude for the scholarship opportunities given to Ghanaian students, especially in the areas of engineering and science and hoped that in the future, the number of scholarship offers would be expanded to  cover other areas such as agriculture. The President further bemoaned the crisis between Ukraine and Russia and stated that Ghana remained a law abiding member of the International community and would therefore, advocate for the resolution of the crisis in an amicable manner .

On his part, Dr. Aleksandruk stated that Ghana was the biggest trade partner of Ukraine in the Sub-Saharan region. He added that Ukraine would continue to collaborate with Ghana to strengthen cooperation,  in the areas of defence and education.


H.E. President Akufo-Addo and the new Tunisian envoy, Ambassador Jalel Trabelsi, both recounted the longstanding relations between Ghana and Tunisia. The President was hopeful that Ambassador Trabelsi’s tenure would lead to enhanced relations and offer  a further boost to the developmental agenda of Africa. Ambassador Trabelsi stated that Tunisia was looking forward to growing bilateral cooperation with Ghana in the areas of health, infrastructure and  research, among others.

On the sidelines of the Ceremony, bilateral discussions  were held between the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Hon. Ms. Shirley Ayokor Botchwey (MP) and H.E. Jalel Trabelsi.


 H.E. The President received the Letters of Credence of H.E. Da Vinha and acknowledged that it was time to strengthen ties between Ghana and Portugal, taking into account the fact that Portugal had been the first European country to set foot in Ghana during the 15th Century. He stated,  among other things, that it was an honour to be appointed as co-chair of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Advocates by the Secretary-General, Mr. António Guterre, himself  a Portuguese, and that he was looking forward to working with all member countries,  including,  Portugal in achieving these goals.